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Dental Makeovers

Case #1*


                                Before                                                                    After


A forty six year-old male presented to our office with a desire to have a better looking smile. After a complete dental examination it was determined that the dental makeover would have to be completed in several stages to correct all of the patient's concerns in order to give him the smile he was looking for. 

Stage #1 - Basic Dental Treatment

Here is the patient's smile that he initially presented with:




Stage #2 - Orthodontic Treatment

Once the patient's basic dental health issues were addressed he was referred for orthodontic treatment (Dr. Neal Palmer, Palmer Orthodontics) to have his bite corrected. The teeth were spaced and alligned properly to allow for advanced dental restorative procedures to be started. 

The patient after orthodontic treatment was completed:




 Orthodontic Treatment provided by Dr. Neal Palmer (Palmer Orthodontics)

Stage #3 - Advanced Dental Restorative Procedures

After orthodontic treatment had been completed, the patient was ready for advanced dental restorative procedures to be started. The patient's teeth were first bleached before the permanent restorations (six porcelain crowns) were done. 

The patient's smile after the anterior crowns were placed:




Stage three procedures continue on this patient, as the lower left impant is to be completed and the patient has also decided to restore his posterior molars with crowns as well. Let us take a look at the dental makeover as it appears today:


                         Before                                                         After

                      Before                                                               After

Please note that each patient is unique and that individual results may vary.  All images displayed above are done so with the patients' consent.