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Denture Care

Denture Care

Proper care of your denture will ensure the longevity, appearance and freshness of your prosthesis.

It is best to remove your dentures overnight or as long as you can each day to let your gums rejuvenate and heal. If your denture is not in your mouth, always ensure your denture is kept moist. A denture left to air dry for an extended period of time may warp and distort as the acrylic is moisture sensitive.

Vigorously rinse both your denture and your mouth after eating. At the very least, drink some water after you eat until you can properly rinse.

It is very important to brush you gums and tongue with a wet toothbrush twice a day. Proper oral care of your soft tissues is needed to clean, stimulate and reduce soft tissue inflammation.

The proper cleaning of a denture requires both mechanical (brushing) and chemical cleaning. Brush you dentures with a denture toothbrush and denture cleaning paste, twice daily. Brushing with regular toothpaste will remove the finish off a denture (because it is too abrasive) and make the denture appear dull. Chemical cleaning of your denture involves soaking them in water with cleaning tablets (Polident or Efferdent) or in an antibacterial mouth rinse.

A proper daily oral health care routine for both your soft tissues and denture is important to ensure that the soft tissues and prosthesis health are maintained.