Dental Bridges In Leduc

Dental Bridges Near You

Have you been searching for a way to address missing teeth but can’t seem to find the right treatment?

You may want to consider dental bridges in Leduc. This restorative service is specifically designed to fill in gaps in your smile and it can be fashioned from a few materials – whatever you prefer can be done!

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Dental Bridges In Leduc

What are Dental Bridges? Why Might I Need One?

A dental bridge is a customized prosthetic that’s designed in a dental lab to meet the dimensions of your smile. There are a few different kinds of bridges that you can acquire, and when you come in for an initial consultation, your dentist will work with you to identify the style that’s most appropriate for your situation.

With that said, the basic structure of a bridge is as follows: an artificial tooth is inserted into the gap in your smile, while two identical dental crowns are fastened to your neighboring teeth on either side. The crowns ensure that the artificial tooth stays in place.

Patients are often advised to receive dental bridges in Leduc for several reasons. They:

  • Restore the aesthetic appearance of your smile.
  • You have options – your bridge can be permanently fixed in your mouth, or it can be removable.
  • It prevents facial sagging.
  • Stop your other teeth from moving.
  • Gives you back your ability to eat.
  • Gives you back your ability to talk clearly.

This treatment can help increase your self-esteem because you won’t feel the need to cover up your smile while you’re having lunch with friends or starting a conversation with someone new.

Furthermore, if you prioritize your oral health every day, it will last you many years.

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