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For your convenience we accept assignment of benefits from most insurance companies. Assignment of benefits means that the dental insurance company sends payment directly to the dental office.

You must provide us with your insurance information so that our office can verify your coverage and file your insurance claim. Your insurance policy is a contract between you, your employer and the insurance company. Our relationship is with you and not your insurance company. Insurance companies do not inform dental offices of any changes to your dental insurance policy. If you are notified by your employer or the insurance company, through which you have dental insurance benefits, that there have been changes made to your policy, please inform our front desk staff so that we can update your records.

Some insurance companies do not allow assignment of benefits and payment is sent directly to the individual. If assignments of benefits are not allowed, you would be required to pay the balance owing on the date of each appointment. We will submit your dental claim on your behalf and the payment will be sent directly to you from the insurance company.

You are responsible for the fees billed by our dental office. Knowledge of your benefits as well as benefit amounts, limitations, exclusions and waiting periods is entirely the responsibility of the policy holder. Receiving our services indicates your acceptance of responsibility to pay the balance due for those services. All charges not paid for by your dental insurance company are your responsibility regardless of the reason for non-payment.

Payment is due on the date that services are rendered. If you do have insurance benefits we will collect the co-payment, the amount not paid for by your dental insurance, following the transmission of your dental insurance claim, on the date the services are rendered. For your convenience we do accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card, or Cash as payment options for our services.