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Dental X-rays in Leduc

Dental X-rays Near You

Dental x-rays are a distinctive form of technology that allows dentists, dental specialists, and hygienists to appropriately evaluate a patient’s smile. These images aid them when it comes to identifying, diagnosing, and treating a wide array of dental problems including tooth decay, gum disease, and bone deterioration.

For more information about dental x-rays in Leduc, feel free to contact our local dental clinic. Our team is here to help you in any way you need.

Dental X-rays

What Can X-Rays Reveal?

X-rays can spotlight many potential concerns, including, but limited to the ones noted below:

  • A decaying pulp.

  • Improper positions of tooth roots.

  • Cysts or abscesses.

  • Bone deterioration.

  • Oral cancer.

  • Partially erupted teeth or teeth that haven’t erupted at all.

  • Jaw abnormalities.

  • Gum issues.


Receiving dental x-rays near you on a regular basis can be impactful when it comes to prevention. After all, the sooner a problem is detected, the quicker and more successfully it can be treated.

Are X-rays Safe?

Since x-rays do emit a very low level of radiation, many may think that they are not safe, but they are. You’ll receive x-rays at the recommendation of your dentist. And when you do, you’ll be provided with a thick lead apron that shields your torso and neck from the x-rays.

Depending on the status of your oral health you may be advised to come for a checkup and subsequent x-rays more often. Dental medicine and the measures that need to be enacted are heavily dependent on the needs of each person. However, on average, having our smile x-rayed once a year is a good rule of thumb. If you’re unsure or have any questions, speak with your dentist beforehand.

Schedule an Appointment

Here at Leduc Dental Centre, our team awaits your visit. We are excited to be a part of your oral health journey in any way you need. We’ll do our utmost to make sure you remain comfortable the entire time.

So, if you’re ready to set up a time to come in for dental x-rays in Leduc, give us a call, send us an email, or drop by our location.

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