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Oral Pathology in Leduc

Oral Pathology Near You

Oral pathology is the term that’s used to refer to oral cancer. Since this condition can evolve into something more serious relatively quickly, booking appointments to have your smile assessed for any signs and symptoms is important.

The process is very straightforward, and so treatment is often integrated into a patient’s routine dental checkup and exam.

At Leduc Dental Centre, our dentists provide oral cancer screens near you; if you’re interested in setting up a consultation to learn more, contact us today.


A Closer Look

Conducting oral pathology near you involves examining various regions of a patient’s oral cavity and head for any changes. Abnormalities may be evident along one’s neck, lips, tongue, on the inside of their cheeks, and regarding their jaw as opposed to just their teeth and gums.

Of course, your body does not remain the same because we’re constantly growing and evolving all the time, so, it is not bad for alterations to occur like wisdom teeth erupting or your bones growing. But when these adjustments include tumors, chronic pain, bleeding, or cysts that won’t heal, for example, that’s when it’s time to visit a dentist for a dental specialist.

Treating Oral Cancer

Described below are some of the best methods for addressing oral cancer:

Prescribing antibiotics – Medication can be a big help when it comes to managing symptoms. Depending on what you’re provided with, the antibiotics can help the mucus and mucus-lined areas in your mouth and the rest of your body heal. In turn, this reduces pain, irritation, and sensitivity amongst other things.

Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide – Using prescription mouth is another good method to explore. Hydrogen peroxide kills harmful bacteria and freshens up your breath in the process.

Oral surgery – This strategy is the most invasive and is recommended for patients if any cysts, abscesses, or tumors get out of control. If possible, your dentist or oral surgeon will remove the abnormalities completely.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Leduc

A simple, yet impactful way to prevent oral cancer from developing or, if it does develop, to identify it and treat it promptly, is to book an oral cancer screening with your dentist. This session is quick and painless and will allow both you and your dentist to stay on top of your dental hygiene.

Just like during a routine checkup, your smile will be physically assessed. The roof and bottom of your mouth, your tongue, lips, the lining of your cheeks, jaw, and neck will all be examined too. X-rays will be taken afterward so your dentist can see what’s happening where the naked eye cannot see.

If you have any questions before or during the appointment, let them be known. The staff here at our local dental office will do everything they can to keep you relaxed. Give us a call, fill out the request form on our website, or drop by our location to arrange a time to come in.

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