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Porcelain Veneers in Leduc

Porcelain Veneers Near You

All of us have the right to show off a beautiful, uniform smile and, it’s never been easier to achieve that! Here at our dental practice, we provide an array of cosmetic dental services to our patients. One especially great solution to consider is acquiring porcelain veneers.


Generally known as dental veneers, this method involves applying thin porcelain shells over the front-facing surface of your teeth. The shells are customized to meet your color preferences and to satisfy the dimensions of your smile. Because porcelain is so durable, you won’t need to have them replaced for up to 10 years.


What Can Veneers Address?

  • Fragmented teeth (mainly chipped or cracked).

  • Crooked teeth.

  • Unnatural gaps between your teeth.

  • Making a tooth appear more uniform or too small/too large.

  • Stains.

If you’re interested in learning more about porcelain veneers near you, don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist.

Receiving Veneers

This particular treatment is not a painful one and can be completed in as little as two appointments. The first appointment is a preliminary consultation. During such a session, your dentist will evaluate your smile both physically and using x-rays to understand the extent of care you need. Your dentist will be able to determine if porcelain veneers are indeed the right process for you. Molds are made of your teeth, and you’ll be able to select the shade of white that you want your veneers to be.

After your veneers are designed, you’ll return for a second visit so they can be placed. Some of your enamel will be etched off to allow the veneers to adhere to your tooth better. They are solidified in place with a special light and . . . there you are! A new and improved smile!

Should you have any questions or concerns at all about porcelain veneers in Leduc, let your dental team know.

Come See Us

Here at Leduc Dental Centre, we provide trustworthy and affordable care to everyone who walks through our doors. To get started with your dental journey, give us a call today. We’re happy to guide you through the steps involved with getting porcelain veneers near you so you feel comfortable with your treatment.

We anticipate your visit!

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