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Impacted Canines in Leduc

Impacted Canines Near You

You know those slightly pointy teeth that you have on the top and bottom of your smile? Those are called our canines; they may also be referred to as our “fangs” or cuspids. The roots of our canine teeth are thicker than our other teeth, and this is so that they remain firmly in position.

If one of these teeth is impacted, this can trigger multiple oral health problems, such as structural damage, issues when you’re chewing and biting, and even when your other mature teeth are beginning to erupt. After our wisdom teeth, our canines are the second most likely teeth to suffer from impaction.

Here at our local dental practice, we provide reliable treatment for impacted canines near you. Please come in and speak with our team to learn more.


Reasons for Impaction

A variety of things can lead to canine tooth impaction, including overcrowding, you have extra baby or adult teeth that come in, or an unhealthy growth like a cyst, abscess, or lump has formed on the gums above the tooth.

It’s important to have this addressed as soon as possible because, if the impaction is left to grow in severity, it can give rise to jaw misalignment, an altered bite pattern, gaps in your smile, and even influence the physical structure of your oral cavity, namely your arches.

Your dentist will have you come in for a preliminary consultation. During this session, they’ll examine your smile, take x-rays, and discuss your hygiene habits at home. In most cases, tooth extraction is the recommended treatment to help patients with impacted canine in Leduc; with that said, your dentist will let you know if you’re an eligible candidate for this process. Should you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to make them know.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Once you’ve been given the go-ahead, your dentist will first ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible by providing you with a local anesthesia injection. This medication keeps you from feeling any pain or sensitivity while your tooth is being treated. Next up, they’ll create a flap in your gum tissues so they can access the entire impacted canine. A special orthodontic bracket will be placed onto the tooth, which is designed to help it shift into the correct position.

If you’ve been searching for an effective yet affordable treatment for impacted canines near you, search no longer! At our neighborhood dental office, we’re here to help all our patients obtain healthy, beautiful smiles. Whenever it works best for you, give us a call, come by our location in person, or send us a message through our website. We’re excited to work with you soon!

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