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Pacifiers & Thumb Sucking in Leduc

Pacifiers & Thumb Sucking Near You

A baby with a pacifier or sucking their thumb is not an uncommon sight by any means; for many youngsters, this provides comfort. However, there comes a time when your child should outgrow such habits; the general rule of thumb is, once they turn four, they should have stopped engaging in these activities. If this isn’t the case, your child can be at a higher risk of developing oral health problems in the future.

For more information about pacifiers and thumb sucking in Leduc, reach out to our neighborhood dental office.


How Children’s Teeth Are Affected

As is the case with multiple habits, if thumb sucking and pacifier use persist over a long time, it can damage their smiles in a variety of ways. Such issues are noted below:

  • Oral sores – This becomes more of a concern if your child is an aggressive suck as opposed to a gentle one.

  • Unaligned teeth – Your child’s teeth can come in slanted instead of straight, thereby heightening the need for early orthodontic treatment to ensure that their adult teeth remain in good condition.

  • A narrow roof – Most people aren’t aware that the structure of a baby’s mouth, especially the roof, is quite vulnerable to changes and/or harm. Pacifiers and thumb sucking in Leduc can cause a child’s mouth to become warped, narrowing to mold to their thumb or the pacifier.

  • Decay – Many parents dunk their baby’s pacifiers in sugary liquids, but these substances can lead to bacteria buildup. Chronic pacifier use is associated with childhood cavities.

  • An unaligned jaw – Similar to point number 3, a baby’s jaw can move out of the correct position if they’re constantly chewing on a pacifier – mainly because this device isn’t designed to fit perfectly in their mouth.

Moving Away from Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking in Leduc

If you’re worried about your child experiencing any of the problems described above, remember that in most cases, a child will stop needing a pacifier or sucking their thumb of their own accord; it’s a natural progression, after all.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to encourage your child to transition away from these habits and look out for their oral health. Here are some strategies to help you do this:

  • Visit a pediatric dentist! These individuals are incredibly knowledgeable about children’s oral anatomy, namely how it develops and is impacted by internal and external phenomena. And, sometimes your child will be more willing to change their behavior if they are talked to by someone other than mom or dad.

  • Consider acquiring a specialized dental appliance that interferes with your ability to suck on items.

  • Give your child a reward when they choose not to use a pacifier or suck their thumb.

  • Wrap up their hands in mittens while they sleep.

Visit Leduc Dental

Need some help with pacifiers and thumb sucking near you? Our staff anticipates your appointment and is excited to work with you and your kiddo. Send us a message via our website or give our dental practice a call to get started.

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